Super Soft Black | Makò 4mm

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The reels are 1,6 kg, about 250 meters.
Super Soft Premium Black in Makò cotton.
The yarn Makò is 100% natural of the highest quality of Egyptian origin and worked in Italy. Its softness, the sheen of the silk and a resistant and delicate texture make it one of the most precious cottons in the world. The harvest, strictly by hand, takes place in September in five stages to make sure that each capsule is ripe at the right point and the cotton inside as smooth and regular as possible.The collection by hand ensures full respect for nature avoiding the use of defoliants and chemicals normally used with mechanical methods. Such precious materials require special care and the first stages of processing allow to remove imperfect fibres to ensure the absolute quality of the yarn.
Makò cotton has hypoallergenic, antibacterial properties and has a "hygroscopic behavior", that is it absorbs more and disperses in the air the natural transpiration of the body. It has a better resistance to multiple washes and maintains bright colors and unchanged over time.
This super soft Premium is very special, ideal for those who already have experience with the technique of macramé.
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Processing: coil ready for shipping.