• Handcrafted is a lifelong project, my lifelong project.

Handcrafted is a lifelong project, my lifelong project.

I’ve been chasing lines since I can remember, at work, as I walk the streets, in dreams, and when I speak. At some point something changed. I stopped. I made them my own. Macramè for me is a form of meditation. Knot after knot I find inner peace.

Bomboniere | Feste




To be in the present moment is a real form of meditation that allows you to escape and reach a deep inner peace.

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Macramè Therapy

Are you looking for a handcrafted gift that will astound? My kits are designed to amaze and accompany, step by step, anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the wonderful world of Macramè.

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Step by step

I started to create these Asanas almost as a game.
In drawing them I tried to understand the critical points
I encountered during practice.
Thanks to these points, I was able to listen to my body, which allowed me to fully understand the design elements while working on the mental blocks
that I encountered in my journey.